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Wulfhard Hoffmann,  Grüntaler Weg 2,   16359 Biesenthal,  Germany
Loc: JO62US

OV  Bernau,  DOK  Y14,  Member of  DIG: 5151,  IGARAG: 263

I am the QSL-Manager of the members from club Y14 (DK0BER)

                         Here you can see my home in Biesenthal, 30 km north/east of Berlin, the capital of Germany,
                         from where I operate my amateur radio station.

My home

                                                             in the winter                                                                                       in the sommer



                 Here you have a first look how a radio amateur is husting for "DX" in the shack

               Weather Underground PWS IBIESENT9                                                                                        


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